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Music Therapy / Activity Credentials

Lisa Prokopowitz (MT-BC, ACC), is a Music Therapist-Board Certified and Activity Consultant Certified, working primarily with Seniors (at times with Psychiatric clientele), since the early 1980's, in Northern New Jersey. She also owns and operates a related website

Lisa and Mae V

Therapy That Lifts the Spirit

The goal of Mending Music is to use Music (often with spiritual or growth oriented themes) to encourage and uplift those who find themselves in a variety of challenging situations. In every living arrangement, regardless of the type of home or facility, the potential exists for discouragement, loneliness and struggle. The primary emphasis of Mending Music is to address such needs, offering hope, comfort and joy.

Music Therapists focus on a wide variety of goals. Among others, these include the following: increased socialization/interaction, improved sense of "well-being", active and focused physical movement, increased memory recall and/or attentiveness (for the cognitively impaired).

Lisa has extensive experience working with Seniors in Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities, and has employed music therapy to assist clientele challenged with Dementia (including Alzheimers), TBI and Aphasia, as well as to provide comfort during hospital stays and Hospice situations.

Great Video about Music Therapy and Alzheimer's

Here is a link to a VERY GOOD video explaining the use of Music Therapy with Alzheimer's patients, linked to the recent Wall Street Journal Article entitled: "How to Outsmart Alzheimer's Disease", March 30, 2010:

Music and Alzheimer's Video at the Wall Street Journal

In linking to this article and video, I do not in so doing endorse the Wall Street Journal, nor do I imply that they endorse me....

Using Lisa's music at your facility or in your home

Group or individual Music Therapy sessions are available, as well as musical entertainment, primarily in northern New Jersey (Passaic, Bergen and Morris counties), USA. In order to book sessions and/or discuss fees, use the following email address: "mendingmusic @" (leave out the spaces) or use the "Contact" link at the left for more options.



Lisa singing her song "I'll See You"

Lisa singing her song "Move On"

Lisa singing her song "Lily of the Valley"

Lisa singing her version of "Blessed Assurance"

Public Domain Hymns:

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

The Solid Rock

Nothing But the Blood

CD Recordings:

Lisa also has two CD's available ( "Fill This Temple" and "Painter of the Heavens"), that include songs geared toward the Christian faith. These CD's may be of particular interest to clientele with a strong background in the Christian faith, and can be accessed at Shining River's Music Page.

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